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How It Works

Personal Assessment

Love pasta? Hate onions? Not enough garlic?
Bon Appetit! Personal Chef Service conducts the initial assessment in the comfort of your own home. The goal of this assessment is to learn about your taste preferences, specific food likes and dislikes as well as any allergy    considerations or dietary restrictions you may have. We will also cover the number of servings and frequency of service at this time. After a survey of your kitchen layout, we will outline the amount of refrigerator/freezer space needed and discuss your preferred heating to determine the storage containers to be utilized.

Menu Planning

Tired of eating the same old things over and over again?
Bon Appetit! Personal Chef Service takes the information from the interview and conducts the research necessary  to prepare your customized menu. You will then select from a menu of fresh and seasonal   ingredients and choose a cook date.

Grocery Shopping

Don't have time to stop at the store and wait in line?
Bon Appetit! Personal Chef Service performs the shopping for you. On your cooking date, I purchase the freshest and finest ingredients just before coming to your home and preparing your meals.

In-Home Meal Preparation

Tired of the hassle of preparing meals everyday?
Bon Appetit! Personal Chef Service comes to your home using our own pots, pans, utensils and pantry items and prepares multiple, personalized meals in the safety of your kitchen.

Storage and Cleanu

Dirty sink, pots, pans and greasy stove?
Bon Appetit! Personal Chef Service packages, labels  and stores your meals in your refrigerator. I leave your kitchen sparkling clean and your home filled with the aromas of freshly prepared foods.


Viola! Bon Appetit! You're Done!
Simply heat up one of your many prepared meals and enjoy the fruits of Bon Appetit! Personal Chef's labor of love. How will you spend this extra time with family and friends?

Payment for Services

What do I need to do?
Cash, checks and credit cards are accepted and payment is due upon booking the cook date for service fees, grocery deposit and container fees based upon method chosen during the assessment.The grocery deposit will be reconciled on each cook date.


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